Kellyanne Conway Insults Each and Every American in the Worst Way Possible!


Trump responded to the Senate’s latest failure to repeal and replace Obamacare by threatening to end what he is calling “BAILOUTS.” The problem is the payments aren’t bailouts; they are required subsidy payments made to insurers to keep payments low for Americans. Trump can unilaterally decide to end these payments and sabotage American health care.

Kellyanne Conway made a customary appearance on Fox News to discuss the president’s decision on the “BAILOUTS.” Conway claimed that the president would make a decision “this week.”

Conway stated:

“He’s going to make that decision this week and that’s a decision that only he can make.”

Trump claimed that he wants Obamacare to implode on its own, however, by ending subsidy payments to aid low-income Americans, he will be the reason Obamacare fails.

Trump thought he could pull a fast one on Americans, but his plan has already been exposed.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s threat to end the payments has caused numerous insurers to bail on the individual market. Others have preemptively raised their rates for next year to cut their losses should Trump stop the payments.

NBC’s Meet the Press asked HHS Secretary Tom Price to comment. He said, “What I can tell you though is that the court has made a decision that those payments were made illegally. And that’s working its way through the court system. Our job is to follow the law of the land.”



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