Kellyanne Conway Runs Her Mouth About the Russia Investigation, INSTANTLY Regrets Her Decision! [Watch Here]


Kellyanne Conway is a hot mess; she has no problem blatantly lying for Donald Trump — the same guy she once trashed before becoming his lackey. She’s nothing more than a leech who latches onto the winner.

In recent weeks, Conway has been making TV appearances in an attempt to vindicate the Trump administration. During her latest TV appearance, she downplayed the Russia investigation and attacked special counsel Robert Mueller.

On an episode of Fox & Friends, Conway commented on Mueller’s investigation:

“Where is this going? Are Americans comfortable with that, with the taxpayers funding this with this going off of all types of chutes and ladders?”

She then echoed Trump’s “witch hunt” theory and pushed the conflicts of interest narrative concerning Mueller’s investigation:

“Not only did these Democrat, presumably, lawyers donate a lot of money to the left side of the political aisle, one of them actually was a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation.”

Fox News’ Steve Doocy agreed, “There are all sorts of conflicts, which it sounds like what the White House is trying to do is, you are trying to put pressure on the team, maybe certain members of the team, legal team on special counsel (to) recuse themselves.”

Conway concluded:

Conway concluded:

“Steve, here’s the relevance of that — people should at least know it. Donald Trump went to Washington to disrupt and expose the system, just to blow that secret door off of its hinges and have more accountability and transparency in a system that thrives on the opposite. So the same applies here. Let’s at least, you know, you’re saying put on pressure — let’s have a disinfectant, let’s at least let the transparency and accountability speak for itself. It’s relevant that people know what the motivations are, and that is not an attack on the team. That is what’s fair is fair.”

Watch the clip below:


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