Kellyanne Conway Says That Journalists Should Be FORCED To Report Only Good News About Donald Trump


When Kellyanne Conway, the queen of alternative facts appears on camera, she generally says something that makes most reasonable people cringe. Her Thursday appearance on Fox and Friends was no different.

For this round of “bizarre things a Trump surrogate says,” Conway took Trump’s war on the media one step further, stating that the problem was that reporters aren’t “forced” to say nice things about Trump:

I remember — I’m old enough to remember when news stations reported the news. And didn’t just have a parade of pundits going out there and opinionating and rendering their opinions and pontificating and conjecturing. And I think it leads to analysis like this, because people end up with very little to say.

They are not compelled. They are not forced. Nobody demands that they actually report facts and figures. […]

You know, the media and other opinion figures — they were way too afraid of President Obama and his administration.
They’re not afraid enough here.

The odd thing is, Host Steve Doocy didn’t even ask her about the media. He was referring to the analysis by former CIA director James Clapper, who questioned Trump’s ability to be president after his Nazi-sympathizing speech. Somehow Conway took this question and pivoted into the idea that reporters should be intimidated and forced to report positive stories about Trump.

But this shouldn’t be taken as a one-off gaffe, such as her “Bowling Green Massacre” embarrassment. Trump has often bullied reporters, and even promotes violence towards them. And Conway has used anti-press tactics as well. She said that anyone who “talked smack” against Trump should be fired, and threatened to revoke Chuck Todd’s interview access for criticizing former Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

There’s also the upcoming merger of Sinclair Broadcast and Tribune Media, which the FCC is rewriting broadcast laws to push forward. If this happens, they will reach nearly three-quarters of American homes. Sinclair, which owns hundreds of local news stations, have repeatedly forced journalists to air “must-run” pieces against their will, and most of those pieces were pro-Trump, pro-Right, or anti-Democrat.

Many of Trump’s supporters are worried about their 2nd Amendment rights being taken away. Meanwhile, there’s an attack on their 1st amendment, and they don’t even realize it.


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