Mike Pence Just Set The Internet On Fire With Latest Speech, Twitter Is Going Nuts!


During a trip to the Panama Canal Vice President Mike Pence likened President Trump to President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was known for his energy and vision; he oversaw the creation of the National Park system, the construction of the Panama Canal and won a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering the end of the Russo-Japanese War.

Pence said, “In President Donald Trump, I think the United States once again has a president whose vision, energy and can-do spirit is reminiscent of President Teddy Roosevelt…Then, as now, we have a leader who sees things not just as they are but for what they could be. And then, as now, we have a president who understands, in his words, ‘a nation is only living as long as it is striving.’ ”

He added, “Under President Trump, the United States will break new ground and break new records. We’ll recapture the spirit and rekindle the vision of our forebears in partnership with the free nations and free peoples across this hemisphere. We will once again awe the world with all that we accomplish together.”

“Just as President Roosevelt exhorted his fellow Americans to ‘dare to be great,’ President Donald Trump has dared our nation to ‘make America great again,’ and we’ll do it with all of our friends in the world.”

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  1. Has anyone else noticed Pence’s fawning look when Pence is standing by DT? It reminds me so much of Nancy Reagan when she did the same to “her Ronnie.”


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