Mitch McConnell Just Pulled The SLEAZIEST Trick To Force His Trumpcare Bill To Pass The Senate


Republicans are taking advantage of all the outrage surrounding Trump’s Twitter remarks on the Morning Joe hosts. Namely, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who spent the last week negotiating with factions of his own party to get enough votes to pass the bill.

There are two major factions in the Republican Party over the bill. There are the ultra-conservative who want to virtually destroy everything about Obamacare. And there are the moderates, who realize that the bill will be terrible for their constituents, and therefore their chances of reelection.

The changes McConnell made are not to help Americans, but to cozy up to dissenting Republicans and corporate lobbyists.

As Axios reports, Senate Republicans have asked the Congressional Budget Office to analyze the impact of two different versions of the revised bill. The first one is designed by Senator Ted Cruz, who calls the American Health Care Act “Obamacare Light.” His aim is to deregulate insurance markets further and allow even higher deductibles, higher charges for pre-existing coverage, and dismantling minimum coverage standards set forth by Obamacare. The other plan doesn’t include any of Cruz’s revisions, but is probably less harsh on Medicaid, which many Republican voters depend on.

By having both bills scored simultaneously, McConnell will be able to save time in pushing whichever bill emerges to a vote—as early as mid-July. If McConnell wins enough moderates or ultra-conservatives with one of the versions of this bill, it will pass—and Americans will pay the price for it. Literally.


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