NBC Drops Bombshell Video of Donald Trump Partying in Moscow, The Jig Is Up!


Donald and Melania are taking off to Paris right after Donald Jr. turned up the heat to boiling on the Trump administration.

Major media outlets waited for just the right moment to release multiple exclusive bombshell videos showing Trump partying with the Russians his son was just caught colluding with to obtain dirt on Hillary Clinton.

NBC News released a video of Donald Trump in Moscow shot in 2013 placing him with all of the Russians implicated in his son’s scandal.

Russian pop star Emin Agalarov’s name is included in the string of emails Donald Jr. posted to his Twitter account proving he accepted an offer of damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

In NBC’s video, Emin Agalarov can be seen with Donald Trump in 2013. Emin and Russian publicist Rob Goldstone were the two men who set up the meeting between Donald Jr. and the Russian attorney who claimed to have the information on Hillary.

The attorney has since come forward and denied ever having offered the information to Trump Jr. Trump Jr. claims she tricked him into a discussing a Russian adoption program.

Watch the clip below:


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