NRA TV Host Blames President Obama For Setting ‘Race Relations Back 100 Years’

A perfect example of a typical Trump supporter! What a POS!


About 100 years ago, segregation and slavery were considered the “norm” of society. though slavery itself no longer exists since the days of Jim Crow laws, NRA Tv host, Bill Whittle, strongly believes Obama has taken us back to the days where black people are not allowed to share the same drinking water as white people.

According to Media Matters, Whittle ranted this week about racial tensions rising in America and pointed a finger at the first ever black president as being the cause of this problem.

Whittle makes further racial comments when he added that the left-wing of politics have divided the country into “tribes, and set the tribes at war against each other.” Obama, he claimed, set American back by 100 years.

Included in his rant was an unusual reference to the 1970s sitcom All In The Family, which he complained couldn’t be aired today because it was “it was so open, it was so honest about the discussion of these things.”

All In The Family was a show about a racist blue collar character New Yorker named Caroll O’Connor who frequently discriminated and demonstrated prejudice toward African Americans, Catholics, Jews, and homosexuals.

In reality, it isn’t Obama who set us back 100 years. It’s men like Whittle, not Obama, who threaten to return us to the narrow-minded and archaic times of segregation.

Do you AGREE with Whittle?


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