President Trump’s $28 Million Mansion Is Going To Get Creamed By Hurricane Irma


As Hurricane Irma tears up the South coast, Donald Trump’s $28 million mansion is smack in the middle of her destructive course. His mansion, called ‘Le Chateau des Palmiers’, is a 5 acre estate sitting on the Caribbean Island of St. Martin.

At this time, the island has issue a hurricane warning. It is expected to hit land there between the next 24 to 36 hours with tropical storm-force winds.

The estate, which the president has been trying to sell since March this year, is owned through a trust and although it was originally listed as worth $28 million, the price has been cut to $16.9 million. The president owns several other estates in both the Caribbean and Florida, both of which could sustain damage in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Irma arrived at the North-East Caribbean Islands at 1:47 am this morning, terrorizing the lands with raging winds greater than 185 miles per hour and unprecedented rain falls. A warning to the residents ended with “May God Protect Us All!”

As a result, Trump has called a state of emergency for Puerto Rico, Florida, and the Virgin Islands. If Irma makes it to the coast of the U.S, this will mark the first time in history that our country has been struck by two category fours in the same season,

Not far behind Irma is tropical storm, Jose, who may or may not increase but it looks like it may become a third hurricane to batter the coast.

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