Private Trump Conversation Leaks, Panic Over Mueller’s Probe, Trump “Went Off on Sessions”


Once again, we know Trump is freaking out about the Russian scandal because he’s trying to create distractions elsewhere, like the NFL. While publicly he’s avoiding the Russian scandal topic, he’s running his mouth in private conversations and when you are the President, nothing is really private.

A Wall Street Journal reporter is sharing that during a dinner recently Trump “yet again went off on Sessions for recusing himself from Russia probe, per source in the room.”

We should also note that on Monday Trump obviously had Russia on the brain.

Monday was the day they voted on the Kurdistan independence referendum in Iraq. Despite the U.S. being against it, Paul Manafort took a job trying to help the referendum pass. It was speculated that Manafort was really just trying to get out of the country before Robert Mueller had a chance to have him arrested.

Bill Palmer points out, As of late Monday night, no one among the public or the media was certain about whether or not Manafort had indeed tried to leave the country. There’s a good chance Trump knows the answer. He also knows that Mueller may imminently move in on Manafort as a result of his apparent desire to leave the country. No wonder Trump spent Monday night whining privately to his allies about how much Jeff Sessions screwed him by allowing the Special Counsel thing to happen.

Trump clearly can’t think of anything but Russia, that’s why it’s popping up in his private conversations that if Sessions hadn’t messed up to begin with, Manafort probably wouldn’t be in this mess. Trump knows the walls are closing in and he’s clearly more paranoid than ever.

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