“PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION” Regarding Trump Hotel Removed From Government Website


The Government Services Administration (GSA) posted confidential financial data on the D.C. Trump hotel in the Old Post Office Pavilion, a government-owned property managed by the GSA.

A few hours later, that financial data was removed from the site.

In 2013 the Trump Organization came to an agreement with the GSA to send the government $3 million in base rent and a share of profits. The deal requires the Trump Organization to share its financial information with the government on a regular basis.

In the past the GSA has only posted heavily redacted financial statements or “monthly statement certificates” on its website but on Thursday someone posted certificates for February, March and April that were almost completely free of redaction.

At the top of the documents is the warning: “PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. NOT SUBJECT TO RELEASE TO THE PUBLIC UNDER THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT.” The GSA press secretary reported later that it was an accident. The Washington Post published the documents online.

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