Republicans Brutally Attack Malia Obama Online, Americans Are Furious!


The fake news machine is still churning, and lies about President Obama’s daughter built on her years-old tabloid toking phenomenon are still being propagated.

In the latest act of racist alt-right fake news, a clearly fictional website called “,” ran a headline claiming “Malia Obama Busted Buying 6 Pounds of Pot in Chicago.”

The story shows a lead photo with a random array of black people and the former First Daughter, reminding readers of Malia’s Lollapalooza smoke-out before claiming that the current Harvard student flew to Chicago to purchase kush packs and edibles.

In the age of fake news, marijuana has become just another tool to try and discredit the right wing’s ideological foes – a hilarious absurdity if people didn’t actually take it seriously.

“If you thought that one little joint Malia Obama smoked while she was shaking her ass at Lollapalooza last year was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Apparently, Malia’s weed habit has gotten worse because she was just caught in a massive marijuana bust in her home city of Chicago, Illinois. Malia was caught buying weed edibles from two of her thug friends as well as enough pot to make thug rapper Snoop Dogg look like an amateur, according to sources within Chicago’s elite Drug Task Force. “Officers first observed Obama pulling up to a street corner and blinking her lights six times,” a spokesman for the department says. “She then spoke with an African-American male, who got into her car. Then they drove to a building a few blocks over.” “She walked upstairs with the man then came back down 30 minutes later,” the spokesman says. “It was then that officers made their move.”



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