Right-Wing ‘Pastor’ Rick Joyner Breaks Insanity’s Mold, Says God Will Destroy Anyone Who Opposes Trump!



The day Trump won the election was a massive win for the Religious Right. So-called pastors and assorted evangelical extremists feel emboldened by Trump’s presidency and have been spreading their rhetoric thick in recent months.

One ‘pastor’ named Rick Joyner is an avid Trump supporter and the type of man who will use Trump’s and God’s name in the same sentence. He posted a new video to his Facebook fan page to threaten the media and anyone who opposes Trump.

The release of the video came on the heels of the news revealing that Robert Mueller impaneled a grand jury in Washington D.C. for the Russia investigation. In the video, Joyner states, “Trump isn’t going anywhere. Watch everybody fall who goes after him. Watch it.”

He adds, “It’s because he has a divine purpose. God put him there and only God is going to be able to take him out. You watch what happens to everyone else who tries. Watch what happens to our Congress, watch what happens to Republicans who are obstructionist and devious in their methods too, who claim to be one thing and turn out to be the opposite. Watch what God does in these days.”

The Religious Right is doing everything in its power to rip down the divide between church and state.

Watch the clip below:

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