Rush Limbaugh Cries the Blues After Getting Smashed for Saying Hurricane Irma Is a Liberal Hoax


Earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh preached a wacky conspiracy theory to his listeners concerning the media’s coverage of Hurricane Irma and hurricanes in general. He told everyone that hurricane coverage is nothing more than a liberal hoax and not to worry about the approaching Category 5 storm because the media is overhyping it.

America’s weatherman Al Roker condemned Limbaugh on Twitter for endangering American lives with his comments. Limbaugh later half-apologized and has since reinforced his conspiracy theory.

In his initial broadcast, Limbaugh stated:

“The reason that I am leery of forecasts this far out, folks, is because I see how the system works. Hurricane Harvey and the TV pictures that accompany that go a long way to helping further and create the panic.”

Rush added that “in the official meteorological circles, you have an abundance of people who believe that man-made climate change is real. And they believe that Al Gore is correct when he has written, and he couldn’t be more wrong, that climate change is creating more hurricanes and stronger hurricanes.”

In Limbaugh’s latest broadcast, he explained his words:

“All I did yesterday — this is the thing, folks, it is so frustrating — and it’s actually getting more and more frustrating. You can’t, when these people who are so emotionally invested — emotionally, not intellectually — so emotionally invested in an event and in an outcome, when they are, you can’t get to them with the truth. In fact, the truth is the greatest enemy they face and they treat it that way.”

Listen to the clip below:

Do you think Rush Limbaugh is a joke?


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