Sean Spicer Breaks His Silence, Throws Donald Trump a Curveball He Never Saw Coming!


Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had one heck of a run in the Trump administration.

Comedians across the country were sad to see him step down after the inimitable amount of material he provided them.

Spicer decided to resign the same day Trump hired now former communications director Anthony Scaramucci. Spicer told Trump that he was making a major mistake by bringing on “The Mooch.”

Today, Spicer broke his silence post-resignation and hit Trump where it hurts the most. Republicans are beginning to shift gears to a Pence state of mind. They know better than anyone else that Donald Trump’s demise is imminent.

Spicer tweeted:

“When and if (Mike Pence) runs in 2024 I would proudly play any role he asks Good to know you have already conceded that”

His tweet was a response to Rep. Maxine Waters’ tweet below:

The big mystery is Spicer’s 2024 date. Does he honestly think Trump will be a two-term president?

Throughout Trump’s presidency, the GOP has guarded Pence to ensure a clean take over if and when it happens. Pence himself looks to be playing the innocent card until that moment arrives.

What is your reaction?

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  1. Pence has lied numerous times to cover the sexual predator’s lies. Does anyone really trust him after you look at the timeline of what he knew and when he knew it and how many lies he’s told the American people to protect the other liar??

  2. Our government has let the American people down in every imaginable way! Starting with #45 still being in office instead of waiting for his trial…..Pence is worthless BUT because he is more a “politician” they will not give in to everything – BUT YOU MUST VOTE ! If you think your rights are being taken away – then GO TO THE PRESS – that’s right the fake news – lt them knew who, why and where. Then put it on Social Media – keep up the pressure – we can take our country back WITHOUT ever stooping to the low worthless ways that the R’s have allowed. WAKE UP- take a stand – our country needs all of us now!!!

  3. Pence is already compromised. He has shown his willingness to lie, he’s dirty and has fleas. And Indiana was happy to be shut of him. Why should we want him? Let him go the way of the dodo with Trump and the Republican party as it is. For that matter, let the dodos in the Democratic party go their way as well. DINOs we don’t need. Aaarg! We need to clean the Congress and Senate, period!


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