So-Called Christian Jerry Falwell Jr. Praises Trump’s Deranged Tweets, “We’re Finally Getting Back to a Bold Leader”


The president of Liberty University Jerry Falwell Jr. just insulted the Christian community by praising Trump’s recent promotion of violence on Twitter. He also agrees with Trump’s shameless attacks on women.

Falwell appeared on Fox News to speak with Jeanine Pirro. He stated:

“The left is melting down. It’s incredible to watch how they still haven’t gotten over how Donald Trump won and when he hits them back on Twitter, I actually appreciate that.”

Falwell stated, “We’re finally getting back to a bold leader who’s willing to speak his mind.” Seriously? Trump’s actions contain zero leadership qualities.

Trump sparked controversy late last week when he attacked Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski. All of the media’s attention made a giant shift from the GOP’s Obamacare repeal to what will Trump say next on Twitter?

Once he was able to get the media’s full attention, Trump hasn’t let up one bit. Today, he posted a modified video of himself beating up CNN. Trump isn’t pretending to do anything presidential anymore. He’s reduced the presidency to a trashy reality TV show. Any American who takes pride in being American should be ashamed to have Donald Trump as his or her president.

Watch the clip below:

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