So-Called First Lady Melania Trump’s Nasty Past Just Came Back To Haunt Her


The entire Trump administration is hugely unqualified. Current First Lady Melania Trump wants nothing to do with being First Lady or living in the White House. She held out as long as she possibly could from moving into the White House to join her flamethrowing husband.

The Washington Post reported a meeting between President Trump, the First Lady, and the wife of an imprisoned Venezuelan opposition leader in February.

The woman, Lilian Tintori, is married to Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. She visited the White House to discuss human rights in Venezuela.

The Post report says that the president had trouble connecting with Tintori on an emotional level, but he did praise “her past as a reality television star in Venezuela’s version of ‘Survivor.’” Trump loves his TV ratings.

Here is the interesting part. Melania reportedly sympathized with Tintori, saying that she felt comparable pain to Lopez while living in the White House. She feels confined in the White House, similar to living in prison.

However, the First Lady’s spokesperson denied the report. The spokeswoman told the Post that Melania “only offered words of encouragement and strength.”

Check out the tweet below:



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