The former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton Just Jumped To Michelle Obama’s Defense After Alt-Right Website Attack

The former First Daughter rushed to the defense of the former First Lady.


Chelsea Clinton is a prolific tweeter, but she’s also rather laconic. Her commentary is reliably poignant on issues big and small, but usually subtle, even cerebral. It takes a lot for her to get emotional.

And she’s remarkably consistent as well, never succumbing to cheap partisan attacks. She took to Twitter earlier this week in fact to defend Barron Trump, who some in the media attacked for his fashion choices. Today she stepped-up to stand behind former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Conspiracy theory peddler Alex Jones produced a detestable video promoting a racist rumor about Michelle Obama’s sexuality. The rumor has festered in the dark corners of alt-right social media sites for some time, but Jones brought it out into the daylight today when he posted the story to his website.

Chelsea Clinton could not stay silent, lashing out in her characteristically subtle but surgical manner.

Racist attacks on Michelle Obama are nothing new, but she remained mostly silent about them during her time as First Lady. Now free from those constraints, expect the Princeton alum and Harvard Law grad to speak out more. In the mean time, she can continue to expect her army of admirers like Chelsea Clinton to rush to her defense against vile attacks like this.

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  1. I believe that Michelle Obama was just about the finest first lady this country has ever had. She always conducted herself with dignity and respect for her the position she filled as first lady of this country. I really had high hopes for our country when Barack Obama was elected president although i voted for Hillary in the election. I thought that we had finally grown as a country that believed in full equality for all. It was naive of me to not understand or not to expect the backlash when his presidency ended. Trump is the opposite of everything that Obama has stood for. Only an idiot would believe that this is a good decent man. he has neither the intelligence, disposition or moral values to lead our beautiful country any longer. Washington was once called the shining city on the hill. Now it has become the town where the monster lives, and continues to harm all Americans and his capacity to spew hate and anger will hurt us all. he should resign as soon as possible.

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  2. One thing Lard Ass Jones can never claim and that is , being a man…He’s just a lazy, shyte Talking douchebag, with a bully attitude and a wannabee like his Fat lardass hero Limpberger. It does amaze me anyone would or could watch this donkey dick and consider it a benefit, unless of course youre just like him


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