The Internet Is Going INSANE Over This Photo Of Donald Trump And The Pope, “God Help Me…Literally”


On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s first foreign trip as president graced him with the presence of his holiness, Pope Francis.

According to CNN, the two men held a private meeting in the Pope’s study but didn’t discuss the contents of their discussion with the press when they gathered for photos after.

Though the Vatican did release a statement soon after, saying the pair discussed “the promotion of peace in the world through political negotiation and interreligious dialogue,” especially in the Middle East.

The best thing to come out of Trump’s meeting?

This photo:

Look at the Pope’s face! THAT IS PRICELESS! In fact, in almost every photo of the Pope and Trump, the Pope is NOT smiling.

The internet absolutely exploded over the photo, and the shade the Pope was showing Trump.

Take a look:


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