The So-Called First Lady Melania Trump Just Got a Taste of Her Own Medicine


Don’t let The So-Called First Lady Melania Trump fool you, she’s just as bad as the rest of the President Trump bunch.

Have you ever in your life seen a First Lady do so little?

Melania has no intention of helping Americans or fighting for a cause. She’s already bailed on fighting against cyberbullying.

Melania believes she is the queen in the Trump “monarchy.

A Fox News poll uncovered America’s true feelings about Melania, and she certainly is no match for former First Lady Michelle Obama, who made a major difference in our great nation.

In April 2009, Michelle Obama had a 73 percent approval rating, which is basically 100% if all of the simple-minded Americans get filtered out. Melania did manage to score a 51% approval rating, mainly due to the fact that she has to deal with Trump every day of her life.

She won over a large number of Americans when she publicly swatted Donald’s hand away not once but twice during their first trip overseas trip as president and First Lady.

Here’s the problem, though. Later in the trip, she was seen wearing a designer jacket worth tens of thousands of dollars. Suddenly, Trump was the most amazing man on the planet. She’s a trophy wife who married Trump for his riches and nothing more — well, maybe citizenship.

Do you believes she’s a trophy wife who married Trump for his riches and nothing more?


  1. As,a young device member I met some like her in the streets of Tj and buy me a drink bars around the world all looking for a ticket to the Us!

  2. Wait, WHAT?!? Melania is a gold digger? Are you sure? Oh never minds, she is most definitely a gold digger. Sad thing is she could’ve done much, much better. The Orange Clown Fart will be wearing an orange jumpsuit soon enough.

  3. Melania Trump iis a comunist whore clearly not first lady material. All of the Trump KKK clan needs to be in jail for numerous offenses.


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