The White House Doesn’t Want You to See These Controversial Photos of Melania, But We Have Them Right Here!


Melania Trump does zero for America as First Lady. She had claimed that she would start an anti-cyber bullying campaign, but the idea died before it ever started. She only recently moved into the White House after staying shacked up in Trump Tower NYC for most of Trump’s presidency thus far.

Kate Imbach of Medium uncovered three years of Melania’s private Twitter photos to analyze. After concluding her examination, she felt fascinated by the “body of work.”

There are 470 photos total, and just one of the photos includes her husband:

The same goes with her son Barron. There is only one photo of him too. In the picture, “she disguised him the same way she disguised herself, in the little boy-version of her big sunglasses—ski goggles. Imbach believes Melania “wants to protect him” and “protection means hiding.”

The rest of the photos depict an imprisoned Melania Trump. 74 photos are from the same spot in Trump Tower, 57 from cars, and 67 from Trump’s private plane.

Read Imbach’s conclusions below:

These photographs were taken by a woman who is shirking the responsibilities of first lady in favor of suing the Daily Mail over the damage they’ve done to her “brand” by claiming she was once an escort, a woman who has the nerve to refuse to leave her home, even though that refusal comes with a $50 million annual government handout for her security costs, these photographs take on a darker edge. They appear to be the documentation of changing seasons by a doomed recluse. Let the world fall down around her—she’s not going anywhere.

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  1. I have plenty to say if only the photos could be accessed. By the quotes, I assume that they are not viewable for some tech reason or just a joke?

  2. All the photos are freely accessible – they are all on Melania Trump’s Twitter account.

    The headline is totally misleading.


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