This Brave Senator Won’t Rest Until Tom Price Repays The Tax Payers For Travel Expenses


Believe it or not, the hiring of Tom Price was probably one of the biggest blunders of the Trump administration so far.

The carelessness with which this dummy used the tax payer’s hard earned dollars was downright shocking. As soon as word got out that he had spent nearly $1 million on personal travel, via private jets, it was only a matter of time before he submitted his resignation.

In a shallow attempt to save face, on his way out of the White House, he pledged to pay the government back personally for “his share” of the travel. A total that only amounted to, roughly, $52,000.

Well, just like you, Senator Patty Murphy from Washington doesn’t think that’s even close to enough.

She’s made it her mission to make sure every cent of that $1 million (or at least, most of it) is returned to the government. When asked how she felt about Price only getting away with paying $52,000, Murphy scoffed and said that that amount, “is entirely inadequate.”

We, the taxpayers, couldn’t agree more.

Thanks for going to bat for us, Senator Murphy. Your service to this country will not go unnoticed. Let’s make this idiot pay us what we deserve!

He should have to repay every last cent! Do you agree?



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