Tiffany Trump and Trump-Ex Marla Maples Are Partying Hard in Italy on Taxpayer Dime, Here’s a Breakdown of the Costs


Even Trump’s ex-wives are dipping into American taxpayers’ pockets. The less-known daughter of Trump, Tiffany, and her mother, Marla Maples, did it up in Italy with the help of American taxpayers.

They recently enjoyed a two-week yacht trip on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Before they boarded the ship, U.S taxpayers forked out $117,489.44 for car rentals to tour them around Italy.

Like Jared and Ivanka, Marla and Tiffany visited the Pantheon, but they opted to take the more civilian route instead of shutting the whole place down.

The Trumps just love spending tax dollars in Italy. The total bill for Donald and Melania’s two-day trip to Rome in May to visit the Pope cost a whopping $1,956,949.73.

The 23-year-old Tiffany has since returned home and is set to begin law school at Georgetown University in September. Maybe she can lend her father a hand considering his diminishing legal team.



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