Trump Biographer Says Donald Trump Appears Weak And “Less Steady On His Feet,” He’s Unable To Handle The Job (VIDEO)


When Trump met with French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump gripped Macron’s hand for almost 30 full seconds as they walked. It was a strange handshake, and really awkward—especially after their first handshake, when Macron was firm and refused to let go first. While it could look like a tug-of-war with each one refusing to let go first, Trump biographer Cay Johnston has a different observation: Trump’s health is declining:

“I also think that one thing that may not be noted by most people is that I suspect the president wanted to halt the little stroll that they were having,” Johnston said, after revealing that French government had consulted him on Trump’s unconventional handshake mannerisms.

“I’ve noted in recent weeks that he doesn’t seem as vigorous,” Johnston continued. “He doesn’t seem as steady on his feet. When he’s walking with someone, he’ll pause often to point out something or chat, but I also think he may be steadying himself, so that’s something for us to watch out for.”

Trump is 71-years-old—the oldest person to ever be elected President. He also doesn’t have the healthiest lifestyle either, believing that exercise makes you die faster, and a preference for fast food because he thinks it is “cleaner” than other restaurants.

Add the stress of being President on top of that, and it wouldn’t be surprising that his health is declining. In fact, this isn’t just something exclusive to Trump. After a President’s tenure, people are always shocked by the physical changes the Commander-in-Chief went through.

But that’s usually 4-8 years later. Trump’s only been in office for six months.

Watch video below:


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