Trump Proclaimed That Obamacare Is Dead — But He’s Got The Facts Wrong!


Donald Trump took to boasting about his alleged “defeat” of Obamacare this Monday morning, proclaiming that it is “dead” and “finished.” “Obamacare is finished. It’s dead. It’s gone,” Trump said during a cabinet meeting. “You shouldn’t even mention it, it’s gone. There is no such thing as Obamacare anymore. It is a, and I said this years ago, it’s a concept that couldn’t have worked.”

Trump continue saying that even in it’s “best days” couldn’t have worked. Trump’s comments come after he had to sign an executive order on healthcare after the GOP failed to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Experts continue to warn that the order will destabilize the Obamacare markets because cheaper, less-effective plans will drive people away from Obamacare plans.

The White House made an announcement last week that Trump intends to end key payments to insurers selling Obamacare plans.

The disturbing way in which Donald Trump is talking about getting rid of health care for millions as if he has defeated some great evil, proves how arrogant he truly is, he would rather “defeat” Obama in his mind than actually do something that benefits Americans.

It is a truly sad day for America to see this kind of mindset rule the country.

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