Trump Supporters Just Declared Him The MESSIAH, Jesus Has RETURNED (VIDEO)


Two women who describe themselves as “Trumpettes” told NBC during a Trump rally in Michigan that Trump is infallible and probably the Messiah himself.

According to the women, Sandee and Noreen, Trump will “save” the U.S. from corruption, and having him in the White House would mean they’d have money again.

In the eyes of the Trumpettes, the Donald could do no wrong, which became clear when they couldn’t even bring themselves to condemn Trump for his remarks about Alicia Machado and her purported weight gain. “If I got overweight and someone said it, then oh, well,” Noreen said. Sandee blamed Hillary Clinton and said she was “looking for something.”

Convinced that Trump has the election in the bag, Sandee preached acceptance: “We have this god that’s going to come down,” she said, referring to Trump, “and [he will]help us all.”



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