Trump’s Attorney Uses Loophole to Beat Trump’s Sexual Assault Charges


Donald’s personal attorney Marc Kasowitz just figured out a sneaky way to make sure Trump never faces the consequences of sexual assault charges brought against him by a former contestant on The Apprentice.

According to the Washington Post, Kasowitz has been working long hours to get the case thrown out. The last thing Trump wants to do is pull a Bill O’Reilly.

The victim claims that Trump “aggressively kissed and grabbed her” during a meeting at his Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow. She went there thinking he was going to offer her a job with the Trump Organization. Of course, Trump called her story “totally false” and “made-up.”

A 1997 Supreme Court ruling allows for acting presidents to be sued. Kasowitz is arguing that the ruling doesn’t apply to state courts.

Kasowitz disputes that “[a] certain level of hyperbole is to be expected in the heat of a political campaign, and such statements are legally protected speech.”

Trump’s attorney is calling Trump’s comments about the victim “nothing more than heated campaign rhetoric designed to persuade the public audience that Mr. Trump should be elected president irrespective of what the media and his opponents had claimed over his 18-month campaign.”


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