Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort Gets Hit with Catastrophic News, This Spells Certain Doom for Trump!


Trump’s big spending at Mar-a-Lago at the frontend of his presidency raised a lot of eyebrows and a lot of hairs on the back of people’s necks. Logical American taxpayers weren’t thrilled about the $3 million weekly visits Trump took to his “Winter White House.”

Another controversial point of concern involving Mar-a-Lago is the evergrowing Secret Service bill. According to CNN, this year the Secret Service paid Mar-a-Lago a total of $63,000.

The ironic part is Trump’s large family tapped out the Secret Service’s funds in record time, yet his resort is still accepting money from the agency.

Government expense forms show payments ranging from $1,300 to $11,050 made by the Secret Service to Mar-a-Lago. The exact reason for the fees isn’t specified on the expense reports.

Former White House ethics lawyer under Bush, Richard Painter, commented, “The president risks violating the domestic emoluments clause if his company is making money off of the Secret Service.”

Painter added, “To avoid that, Mar-a-Lago should either charge Secret Service a rate federal employees are authorized to pay for a hotel room under ordinary circumstances or not charge at all.”

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