Trump’s Nightmare Is Coming True: Barack Obama Is RETURNING TO POLITICS!


An aide of former President Barack Obama say he’s beginning a “delicate dance” as he reemerges on the national political scene this fall. He wants to play an active role in helping the Democratic party rebuild, but without becoming the face of the party—or becoming a lightning rod for Donald Trump.

Insiders expect he’ll focus on fundraising. In recent months, Obama has played a larger behind the scenes role than was publicly known, according to The Hill. He has, for example, done fundraising for the Democratic National Committee and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee since leaving office.

The Hill reported in July that he met with DNC Chairman Tom Perez as well as lawmakers at his office to give his guidance on a number of issues.

But Obama doesn’t want to inflame Trump’s obsession with him even more. He isn’t interested in pulling focus from the Democratic party and its attempt to refocus its message and move forward.

Julian Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, said:

He has to be careful. At a moment when President Trump’s approval is falling so fast—including with his base—there is a risk for Obama taking center stage and triggering the energy that many Republicans currently lack.

And Cal Jillson, a professor of political science at Southern Methodist University, added:

He would be the target against which Trump would direct his fury. From Trump’s perspective nothing better could happen.

Since leaving office, Obama’s approval rating remains incredibly high at 63%, according to a Gallup survey conducted in June, while Trump’s job approval numbers are tumbling, to just under 37%.

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  1. He has done enough damage. He is a tool of the olgliarhes. Not for the rest of us, corrupt a hell as well.He will push for the NWO which is a plan to make the rest of us nothing but slaves as they tkw everything from u. Evil man.

    • You are TOTALLY DELUDED! Do you really believe he wants to enslave people? It would be the best revenge on all you racists, but do you actually think that is the character of the man? You need to be institutionalized!

  2. Obama is a skilled lawyer so his best contribution might be coordinating the removal of the #45 cartel. The charges will be multiple and complicated and a man of his skill set and experience would be indispensible.
    Secondly, the Constitution needs rebuilding from the beginning. The corruption, nepotism and malgovernance of #45’s regime have revealed serious shortcomings which must be addressed if US democracy is to survive. Again, an honorable, honest man like Barack Obama would be essential to redrafting the Constitution.
    Mind you, he’d have to be out of his mind to take on either of these tasks and he doesn’t strike me as irrational.

  3. We definitely can use Obama’s organizational skills and expertise! We cannot afford him becoming a lightening rod and whipping boy for the Republicans who just LOVE to tell people who else is at fault for their problems while they steal everything from everybody! If he’s in, he must be ready to call it like it is and in no uncertain terms. He has to call out Republicans for lying and cheating the American people out of BILLIONS of dollars for their personal benefit while depriving working families of their earned rewards in pay, health care, pensions, vacation time and family support services.

  4. We need you. Hopefully Trump will be out especially after what happened yesterday. His base is nothing but the KKK, alt-right, skin heads, and nazi party. Give me a break. Congress needs to grow a pair and impeach the SOB.


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