TRUTHBOMB: Paul Ryan Tweets About Charlottesville. John Legend’s Response Is AWESOME!


The Nation is disgusted with yesterdays white supremacist attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Trumps response was equally horrific and even republicans were quick to distance themselves from the president, condemning the violence.

After the attacks, White House Speaker Paul Ryan quickly released an obligatory condemning statement

The Republican hypocrisy of condemning the attacks while cajoling hatred was not lost on netizens and John Legend called Ryan out in an EPIC response.

Legends quip embodies the disgust that is in so many of our hearts with the regressive pat our country has taken under the Trump administration.

Do you agree with John Legend?

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  1. John Legend is spot on…so disgusted and discouraged. We all need to band together, protest these groups and get those in political office that are affiliated/practice bigotry and racism. The dialogue must be opened and it starts with parents who are raising young children as racism is a learned behavior.

  2. I was a product of the 50’s, a hippy-child of the 60’s, a young adult of the 70’s, an adult of the 80’s and 90’s…now I’m a senior citizen of the 2000’s…I was born and raised with air raid sirens, Nazi propaganda and fear of nuclear war ever present. But I also grew up not “seeing color”, “hearing accents” or learning about hate. My great grandparents and my grand parents, all of whom I had the privilege to know as a child were immigrants who came here for a better life. My Uncles and my Father proudly served in the armed forces, one a Green Beret, one a proud Marine and four very proud Navy men.
    I raised my children the very same way I was raised. It makes me sad when I see littles dressed in white robes and hoods and taught that they are better than anyone else. It breaks my heart to hear the hate being spouted among the young teens now, the disrespect they have for authority. I’m angry when I see young children (I work at a day care facility) who have no idea who they are…mothers with three or four babes with different last names, because there is no respect for anything anymore. I watch and see and cry at the senselessness of it. Now we see it ‘as it happens’, not after the fact. White supremacists in the White House, a leader of a hate group as a presidential advisor, racists at every level in the government, the GOP, the beautiful building (that is NOT a dump, you moron!) that is under a remodel now by an ignorant pig of a man who thinks that is his permanent residence. Send him back to New York and let THEM deal with his stupidity and ignorance. Yes, Mr Legend, we need to impeach the white supremacist in the White House. No, Mr. Ryan, I will not accept that you are sorry for what happened in Charlottesville, that you feel any empathy for the beautiful young woman who lost her life at the hands of a ‘home grown terrorist’, a twenty year old young man who wasn’t raised with any type of moral center.

  3. John Legend is correct if the republicans are going to comment then they should do something to put a stop to the sickness!! They must agree with trump or they would do something to put a stop to this ugliness!!


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