VP Mike Pence Ends Overseas Trip Early to Make Emergency Return to Washington D.C.


The GOP is officially in panic mode trying to contain their rogue president. Up until now, everyone knew members of the GOP were racist, but they didn’t come right out and say it like Trump just did.

The GOP responded to Trump’s Tuesday press conference by summoning VP Mike Pence, who is currently in South America. Around the same time the GOP announced Pence’s early return, Trump announced the disintegration of his two economic councils. Leading American CEOs don’t want any part of Trump following his racist coming out party.

The CEOs of Merck and Under Armour were the first to cut ties with Trump’s manufacturing council. CEOs of a separate council unanimously agreed to resign from the president’s council.

See the tweet below:

Pence had met with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet for a joint presser on Wednesday to discuss the current situation in Venezuela.

Like usual, Pence did his best to explain the president’s comments following the incident in Charlottesville, but this time, Donald’s comments are impossible to sell. The blatant racism doesn’t sit well with most Americans.

Earlier today, Pence acknowledged the events in Charlottesville and Heather Heyer — the girl who died when a white supremacist rammed his Dodge Challenger into the back of a line of vehicles.

Watch Pence speak in Chile below:


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