Watch a Strong Gust of Wind Unglue Donald Trump’s Wicked Combover


It’s already known that Donald Trump takes meds to keep the sea of orange atop his head. Even with the meds, the hair is hanging on by a thread, literally.

Earlier today, when Donald disembarked at Newark International Airport to walk over to Marine One, a strong gust of wind took his hair by surprise.

Trump does a great job of swirling his hair in so many different directions, that it’s actually difficult to see he’s working with a serious combover. The pattern is more intricate than a funnel cake.

When it came unglued, he looked like Gary Busey on a bad day or the more recent variant of Nick Nolte.

Check out the photo below:

Obviously, Twitter couldn’t contain their excitement:

Watch the full clip below:

One can only imagine how long it took to put the pieces back together after that catastrophe. Now, the whole world knows there’s a bright pink patch of skin hiding beneath a shield of orange.

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