Watch Donald Trump Shake The Hand Of His Pal Vladimir Putin, “‘It’s An Honor To Be With You”


Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin this morning, saying “it’s an honor to be with you” as the two leaders addressed the media.

“President Putin and I have been discussing various things, and I think it’s going very well,” Trump said from a seat next to the Russian leader. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was seated to Trump’s left.

“We’ve had some very good talks, we’re going to have a talk now, and obviously that will continue, but we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for Russia the United States and for everybody concerned. It’s an honor to be with you,” the president continued, before shaking Putin’s hand.

Putin responded: “I’m delighted to be able to meet you personally, Mr. President, and I hope as you have said our meeting will yield positive results.”

The cordial words came ahead of a meeting that is likely to overshadow the larger G-20 meeting of industrialized nations taking place in Hamburg, Germany.

And remember, Donald Trump didn’t shake the hand of Angela Merkel when he first met her in Washington, DC.

This was how Obama saw Putin:


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