WATCH HERE: Eric Trump Have a Conniption During Bizarre Tirade on Live TV


Eric Trump has become a Fox News staple who loves to show up and defend his failing father on a network he knows will applaud his words. For those people living in reality, Eric Trump looks like nothing more than a giant tool in a suit.

In his latest rant on Hannity, Eric said about his father: “I want somebody to start fighting for him. How much weight does he have to carry by himself?”

He’s the president; leaders are supposed to carry a lot of weight. They don’t call it the hardest job in the world for nothing, Eric.

Eric then blasted Republicans for failing to repeal and replace Obamacare in the Senate. He commented, “My father has the voice of this country, the people of this country love him. Why wouldn’t they get in line? It doesn’t make sense.”

Well, they couldn’t get in line because your father doesn’t control them. Government employees serve the people of America, not an orange goober who knows nothing about nothing.

Eric wrapped up by taking a customary shot at Democrats: “They would rather see this country fail than see my father succeed.”

Watch the clip below:

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