Watch People Around Trump Burst into Laughter After the President Portrays Himself as the Hero of Harvey

Once again, he took all the credit...


President Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey had some good moments, but overall, it was just as appalling as most of his responses to major events.

He started off by telling residents of Texas and Louisiana “good luck” as the storm approached. Then, while people were struggling to survive during extreme flooding, he bragged about the incredible size of the storm on Twitter instead of offering any solutions.

This weekend, Trump traveled to Houston with Melania to visit hurricane victims. At one point, Trump shocked everyone in the room when he signed a bare wall for absolutely no reason. Later on, he made a fool of himself by criticizing the Red Cross’ rations and taking impromptu stabs at the media.

In one video, Trump stood outside, and a Texas woman began praising Texas officials. Trump sucked it up like ice cold chocolate milk through a straw. She said of Trump, Ted Cruz, and Governor Abbott, “Let me tell you what, ya’ll are the best.”

Not even Trump could believe his ears. He put his arms out in front of him to give the woman a big hug & kiss. People standing around him couldn’t help but laugh at the exchange.

Once again, Trump took all of the credit.

Watch the clip below:

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  1. There was no laughter. A small group too, This is CRAP on a CRACKER! Oh it’s Donald TRUMP!!! #NMP #45, You are a SHIT STAIN on Russia’s underwear. POTUS?!!! No F&^King way!!! WE the People say go the F@&K away!!!


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