Watch Russian State TV Host Freely Admits That Russia Elected Trump


While Americans have been focused on Trump’s response to Charlottesville, Hurricane Harvey, and other Trump atrocities, the Russia investigation slipped onto the back burner. However, special counsel Robert Mueller is still going strong with his probe and making new developments/adding new team members on a daily basis.

One of the aspects of Mueller’s research is to determine whether Russia interfered in the 2016 election. If Mueller’s investigation went according to Russia’s stance, then his investigation would have ended because Russia just freely admitted that they elected Trump.

A TV host for Russian state television commented, “So why did we elect such a President?” He questioned why Russia ever sided with Trump. The audience clapped in response.

See the tweet below:

The same Russian host also compared Trump to a baby, which is a highly relevant comparison.

The host said, “Trump is a political infant, who is being severely swaddled.”

The entire clip with Russian audio can be seen below!

Check out Twitter’s response below:

Russia doesn’t care if they are out in the open about helping Trump win the election because they have nothing to lose.

Watch video below:

Are you surprised?


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