Watch Trump Go into ‘Apprentice’ Mode, Threatens to Fire GOP Senator Who Opposes Trumpcare [Video]


Nevada Senator Dean Heller is one of several GOP Senators who oppose the Obamacare repeal. Heller is in jeopardy of losing his seat in 2018; he knows that stripping Nevada citizens of their healthcare and devastating Medicaid won’t get him reelected.

Trump called upon all GOP Senators once again to discuss Trumpcare and pressure them to unanimously vote in favor of the Obamacare repeal, despite the fact that over 20 million Americans will lose their health insurance.

Donald purposely seated Heller next to him, so he could call him out in front of the rest of the senators.

Trump stated, “Any senator who votes against debate says you are fine with ObamaCare.”

He also joked about Heller wanting to “remain a senator.”

Last month, a seven-figure ad campaign nearly launched against Heller to bash him for opposing the GOP health care bill. The group that created the ad, America First Policies, abandoned the campaign due to Mitch McConnell’s opposition.

Watch the clip below:

SOURCEThe Political Voice


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