Watch Trump Treat France’s First Lady Like SEXUAL OBJECT In BIZARRE Exchange!


Donald Trump leered at the French first lady, Brigitte Macron, saying she was “in such good shape,” in a live video in Paris on Thursday.

After a photo-op—nearly an hour into a tour led by French President Emmanuel Macron—Trump turned to first lady Brigitte Macron:

Trump says, appreciatively, “You’re in such good shape!” He then turns to French president and remarked, “She’s in such good physical shape!” before looking back at Mrs. Macron and adding, “Beautiful!”

Trump then squeezed Melania’s bicep and told her to “have a good time” before leaving her with the French first lady and departing with President Macron.

The entire exchange drew swift comparisons with previous remarks Trump has made about women’s appearances.

Last month, in the Oval Office, Trump summoned a female Irish journalist over to his desk—Caitríona Perry, the Washington correspondent and US bureau chief for Ireland’s public service broadcaster RTÉ News—as he spoke to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on the phone.

Trump praised her “nice smile” and told Vradkar on the phone that, “She has a nice smile on her face, so I bet she treats you well”—comments many found wholly inappropriate; Perry called them “bizarre.”

Earlier on Friday, Trump and Brigitte Macron shared an incredibly awkward handshake:

Some compared it to the long, white-knuckled shake Trump and President Macron shared in May.


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